Robber’s Cave (Guchupani)

Robber's Cave (Guchupani)

Robber’s Cave (locally known as Guchupani), located near Sahasradhara (Thousand Guna Vasant), is the construction of a river cave in the Himalayas, about 8 km from the city center of Dehradun in the state of Uttarakhand, India. 

It is the construction of a natural cave where rivers flow inside the cave. The place is a popular tourist destination and is now being maintained by the state of Uttarakhand. Local bus services are available in the village of Agarwala, from where it is a trek a kilometer away. Locals believe that robbers used these caves to hide valuable objects. It is also believed that this place is the home of Lord Shiva.


People believe, the British era robbers who looted the rich people with cash, jewelry, and other valuable items, were used to hide them in this cave. This was a perfect place for robbers, so this place is called Robber’s Cave. In addition, it is also believed that this place is the home of Lord Shiva.

Tourist place for family in Dehradun

Dehradun has a special place in the heart of regular or occasional tourists who come here. Most of the places or tourist places of Dehradun are known to the people, but there are some places that are not known to all. The cave of robbers is one of them, most of the tourists who come to Dehradun do not know about this place and thus miss the opportunity to visit one of the beautiful places on earth. Those looking for a place where they can be close to nature should come to Robbers Cave. There are many adventure activities in which people can participate in Guchupani. Trekking and hiking are some of the activities in which people participate.

Best time to visit Robber’s cave Guchhupani

People can visit this place anytime except winter season. Because in winter the water is very cold and the atmosphere is also cold which sometimes makes people uncomfortable. This place can be best enjoyed during the monsoon due to the rise in water level and the greenery surrounding this place. If one wants relief from the heat and pollution of the cities during the summer season, then this place can be an ideal option for getting relief from the hot weather. People visit Robber’s Cave throughout the year, but this place gets crowded during the summer season due to its beauty and beauty.

Things to do in Robbers cave Dehradun

There are a lot of things that people could have done while staying in Robber’s cave. But there are some things that some special people will like. Some things that people can do here are: – Picnic, photography, trekking, hiking, etc. It is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy and spend quality time with their loved ones. People can also come here for a romantic experience.